How We Help the Traditional Business to Sell Online

Do you want to sell online?

Well of course you do, you are just worried about the result might not reach your expectation.

The REAL question is – how to sell online?

Everyone can build a website. However, to build a website that can be found online, it requires a little experience. To gain the experience, thousands of dollar needs to spend to learn the skill and you will need to hire a web designer and marketer to get started.

The cost is HIGH!

Look at the example below. We started with Hometaste 1 year ago fresh with no online presence at Google.

And look at what happens now…

With our effort on Facebook marketing and doing the right thing at Google

YES – That’s right, we make them can be found online with the increase of traffic by 100%.

Now even without spending a single dollar on advertising, they have constant daily visitors on a monthly basis.

If you think this is impressive and what you actually want, just look at Google Search Ranking. Their search result “home-cooked meals delivery” rank no 1 and outrank other competitors.

We believe every business can sell online and there is an algorithm to make it work. We are more than happy to share with you.

SO — if you want to work with us and grow your business like the examples above, contact us for a FREE consultation.

We are waiting for you!